Terms of Use

Client will use the Services in accordance with applicable law, including data privacy laws, and standard conditions of use established by InterCommerce. InterCommerce will keep Client Data confidential and will not disclose to any third party without prior authorization.  InterCommerce may terminate access or take other actions it reasonably believes to be necessary to comply with the law or prevent damage to InterCommerce systems or customers or disruption of other InterCommerce customers’ use of the affected Service.


Client is also accountable for the designation of the Users and the Company’s availment of the service.  It is the sole responsibility of the Client to notify Intercommerce in writing on the activation or termination of User’s access to the system. Unless UserIDs and Passwords are terminated, users, who may no longer be connected with the company or have been reassigned to perform other functions, shall continue to have access to confidential transaction data of the company.


Client also holds InterCommerce free and harmless from any liability arising from any access by the Users to the system whether arising from the Company or from third parties.