Electronic Import Permit System

This is a 24/7 facility for electronic application and automated processing of import permits with pre-approved importable items for Enterprises.


Registration Requirements

1. Accomplish the following documents and print in the company’s letterhead:


For Logistics Service Companies:
1.4. Application Letter, Designated Alternate Signatories, Endorsement
1.5. List of Importables
1.6. VASP Enrolment Form

2. Submit these documents to the PEZA Zone Manager in hard and soft copies. The soft copy must be emailed using only the email address mentioned in the Endorsement annex.


3. The PEZA Zone Manager shall endorse the company to InterCommerce for enrollment into the PEZA EIP System.


4. InterCommerce shall enroll the company and user(s) into the system and upload the List of Importables. The Registrant will receive 2 email messages from InterCommerce: 1. Results of the uploading 2. Registrant’s access to the PEZA EIPS and the user manuals