Pan Asia Exchange

PAN ASIA EXCHANGE is a versatile B2B platform that provides a medium to thousands of buyers across Asia to showcase their products to the global market. It is an initiative of the Pan Asia E-Commerce Alliance (PAA), an alliance formed by 11 service providers authorised by Customs and other trade regulatory agencies in their respective economies, and providing secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and services to facilitate trade globally.

Unique value propositions of Pan Asia Exchange:

  1. Trusted neutral marketplace for B2B sourcing of reliable Asian suppliers.
  2. Ability to verify suppliers and their trade transactions
  3. Knowledge of customs procedures and trade processes
  4. Collaboration with other trade, logistics and financial service providers


PAN ASIA EXCHANGE leverages on the dominance and market niche that PAA members have built in their respective economies to form a platform for global buyers to search for genuine suppliers from the world’s most prolific trade hub.


INTERCOMMERCE is a member of PAA and the Local Operator in the Philippines.


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