Bureau of Animal Industry


As the sole VASP for the Dept. of Agriculture, InterCommerce provides automated solutions for the application for Sanitary Phyto-Sanitary Import Clearance (Import Permit), access to lower duty rate via the DA Minimum Access Volume (MAV) and the issuance of the MAV Import Certificate for the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI).


In addition, InterCommerce has led the discussions with the Korea Quarantine Inspection Agency, the Australia Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (now, Ministry of Primary Industries) for the exchange of e-Certification to facilitate import and quarantine procedures. Based the on-going technical discussions on proposed workflows, the eCert data will be used for automated validation vis-à-vis the SPS Import Clearance and Request for Quarantine Inspection to facilitate clearance of cargo.



  • Electronic Sanitary Phytosanitary Clearance
  • is a system which provides an online access for importers to secure the Sanitary Phyto-Sanitary Import Clearance for importation of animal products and animal by-products. The importer enjoys the convenience of:


    • Remote filing of application: it is paperless, no notary seal
    • Remote receipt and printing of approved SPS Clearance
    • Auto-debit payment of fees
    • Auto-validation and processing of the application by the Agency or Bureau
    • Internet tracking of the status of application
    • Pre-approved List of Importables
    • Re-use of stored data in creating new application
    • Tagging of SPS Clearance as used upon inspection by port quarantine officer
    • Seamless interface with NSW and e2M


  • Automated Minimum Access Volume (MAV) Program
  • is a web-based application, which will enable registered users to electronically submit their application for the Minimum Access Volume (MAV) license, and upon approval of the commodity allocation, submit MAV Import Certificate (MAVIC) to the MAV Secretariat/Department of Agriculture.


  • Electronic Request for Quarantine Inspection
  • is the electronic submission of the Request for Inspection (RFI) by the nominated Customs broker, re-using the SPS Import Clearance and the Customs Import Entry Declaration (SAD) data, e.g., import entry number, manifest number, container numbers, etc., in lieu of the submission of the handwritten RFI to the respective agency Quarantine Officers at the ports.


    Also, the handwritten Veterinary Quarantine and Meat Inspection and Laboratory Certificate (VQMILC), will be replaced with the eVQMILC which will automatically be transmitted by the BAI to NMIS, upon completion of the quarantine inspection at the port.


    These modules will facilitate the inspection and quarantine clearance of imported agricultural commodities, as well as enhance data accuracy and integrity.