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Board of Investments


E-CAI Application Kit

Bureau of Customs


SGL Requirements, Qualifications & Application Form

E2M Prepaid Account Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 2009-11-03 E2M Guidelines

FAQ 2009-11-03 E-Manifest, Payment

FAQ 2009-03-09 Basics of E2M

FAQ 2009-03-19 Import and Assessment System

FAQ 2009-01 CPRS

Customs Memorandum Order

CMO 19-2015 Revised Procedures for Mandatory E- Manifest (Sea)

CMO 17-2015 Mandatory SGL Import Processing Facility in All Ports

CMO 14-2015 PEZA Accreditation

CMO 12-2015 Extending the Date of Effectivity of CMO-No.08-2015

CMO 27-2014 Prepayment Accounts

CMO 04-2014 Policies and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Importers and Brokers with BOC

CMO 07-2012 Supplemental Guidelines for AEDS Under e2m

CMO 06-2011 Expanded E-ACTS

CMO 15-2011 Amend. to CMO 03-2001 NAIA EACTS (Ecozone & Freeports as Final Dest)

CMO 07-2011 Guideline on AEDS for NAIA, DMIA, MCIA, POM, MICP, POS & CIP

CMO 54-2010 Electronic Lodgment of Export Dec Thru VASPs

CMO 43-2010 Transit Transshipment

CMO 23-2009 Revised Rules & Regulations on Importer Accreditation (CMO 15-2009)

CMO 18-2010 Procedure for Break Bulk Cargo Clearance Enhancement

CMO 18-2010 Bulk cargo (News Article)

CMO 13-2010 Implementation of Informal Entry

CMO 07-2010 Implementation of IAS at NAIA for Bill to Shipper/DDP Shpts of Air Express

CMO 06-2009 Pass 5

CMO 46-2009 Amendment to CMO 27-2009

CMO 45-2009 Supplemental Guidelines for CMO 27-2009 on Tentative Release

CMO 44-2009 CPRS Registration of Once-a-Year Importer

CMO 10-2009 IAS at Batangas

CMO 10-2009 IAS at Port of Batangas (March 21, 2009

CMO 06-2009 PASS5 Payment of Duties and Taxes

CMO 39-2008 Client Profile Registration

CMO 39-2008 Client Profile Registration System (clear copy)

CMO 36-2008A Amendments to CMO 36-2008

CMO 36-2008 Interim EACTS for E2M Ports for Subic and Clark Bound Goods

CMO 28-2003 SGL Accreditation & Clearance Procedures

CMO 28-2010 Client Registration under ACOS of PEZA, CDC, SBMA, AFAB Registered Enterprises

CMO 41-2002 Guidelines and Procedures Implementing BOC-PEZA JMO 03-2002

CMO 03-2000 Enhanced Cargo Clearance Procedures with Tentative Release

CMO 02-2000A Implementation of SGL Procedures at NAIA

CMO 18-99a Supplementary Guidelines to CMO 18-29 on Registration for EDI & DTI Clients

CMO 18-99 Registration Procedures for EDI & DTI Clients

CMO 15-98 Remote Lodgment of Warehousing Entries Using EDI Gateway Facllity

CMO 01-96A Revised IED & IEIRD Form 236

Invitation – Dialogue with Stakeholders

Response letter to DTI re Overtime Services of BOC Employees

Memorandum (BOC-AOCG)

Memo 2015-07-001 PEZA Accreditation (Revision to CMO 14-2015)

Memo 006-2015 Interim Guidelines to Implement CMO 08-2001


Memo 2015-05-16 BOC Optional Implementation of CMO 8-2015

Memo 2012-05-16 BOC-MISTG Directive on E-ACTS Migration for Port of MICP

Memo 2014-10-08 Acceptance of Paper Permits for Customs Clearance

Memo 2014-02-12 SGL Entries Selectivity

Memo 2013-08-12 Authority to Temporarily Assume Duties & Functions in case of Vacancies at BOC

Memo 2013-02-25 Guideline on the Use of Procedure Code 4088

Memo 2012-09-12 Overtime Pay of Government Employees in Airports and other facilities

Memo 2012-08-03 Contingency Procedures for Uncomfirmed Entry Payments

Memo 2012-07-26 Clarification on Implementation of AEDS under E2M

Memo 2012-06-11 Manual Processing of EDs After June 11, 2012 Implementation

Memo 2012-05-31 AEDS Implementation Memo

Memo 2011-12-20 Mandatory Implementation of PSAD Entry (for PEZA only)

Memo 2011-09-19 SGL Memo on Selectivity

Memo 2011-02-08 Specific Prefix for CPRS Registration of Exporters

Memo 2011-01-19 New Date of Implementation e2m Phase 4 (Amendment to Memo 2011-01-6)

Memo 2011-01-06 Rollout Phase 4 e2m on 24 Jan 2011

Memo 2010-11-23 Implementation of Informal Entry System at POM and MICP

Memo 2010-05-20 E2M at Claveria, Saluma.., Pulupa., Mind. Cntr Ter, Bauan, MEPZ

Memo 2010-05-20 Shipment Release Process Using Tempo Transit Shed Code

Memo 2010-05-20 E2M at Iligan, Dumaguete, Sual, Isabel, Catbalogan, Laoag, Ozamis

Memo 2010-05-20 E2M at North Harbour, etc on 21 June 2010

Memo 2010-05-04 Dual Processing Cagayan de Oro

Memo 2010-04-22 Dual Processing at Cebu and Davao

Memo 2010-04-23 Effectivity of CMO 27-2009 (e2m in Legaspi, Surigao, Zamboanga, etc)

Memo 2010-04-12 Effectivity of CMO 27-2009 IAS in Cebu, Cagayan, Iloilo, Davao, Tacloban, Mactan

Memo 2009-10-22 To ATI and ICTSI re Dual Import Processing (E2M & Asycuda)

Memo 2009-08-27 Date of Implementation of IAS at MICP and POM

Memo 2009-02-27 Post Entry Procedures

Memo 2009-02-06 Solutions to System Limitations

Memo 2003-12-02 Supplemental Guidelines icow Red Lane Shipments

Memo 2003-12-02 Supplementary Rules on the Issuance of Alert/Hold Orders

Memo : E2M Phase 4

Customs Administrative Order

CAO 3-2010 under AO243-A dtd 12 May 10

IAS Memo

IAS Memo 50,51,52 LBP as In-house Bank of Ports of Surigao, Bislig, Nasipit

IAS Memo 49-2010 LBP as In-house Bank of Port of Aparri

IAS Memo 48-2010 PNB as In-house Bank of Port of Davao

IAS Memo 44-2010 Submission of Electronic Airline & Airfreight Consolidation Manifest

IAS Memo 39-2010 Registration of Airfreight Forwarders at CPRS

IAS Memo 37-2010 Submission of Electronic Airline Manifest

IAS Memo 38-2010 implementation of IAS in all airport warehouses

IAS Memo 2010-02-10 E2M at Clark, Subic, NAIA, San Fernando, Aparri

IAS Memo 16-2009 Clarification on Nov 16, 2009 IAS Implem & Conversion of IED to PASS5

Flight Registry - Air

Clark Development Corporation

Philippine Economic Zone Authority

eZTS Kit

MO No. 2017-008- Guidelines of the eZTS                                                                                                                                   722 KB


Memorandum Circular

Memorandum Order

Joint Memorandum Order

Automated Export Documentation System

Electronic Import Permit System

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

SBMA Kit (.Zip File)

Subic Clark Alliance for Development Council